For operation and remote control of LJU devices several hardware and software tools are available. Each controller has a display window with integrated infrared communication interface. This is not only to be used for IR remote control but also to set all parameters and tables by means of the MU 705. This makes sure that each controller in one installation uses identical paramters and guarantees identical behaviour of all carriers.

The current LJU control concept follows the simple logic that movement sequences and functionality of Electrified Monorail Carriers are of unlasting diversity, thus it should be possible including 20 years of experience to provide a device to the end user what enables him to just configure even sophisticated tasks by setting appropriate parameters. Should a user-software adaption be required - the modified file can easily be transferred using IR communication and MU 705. This is possible for all controllers of Series ST-7xx.

Handheld Programming Device MU-705

The handheld programming device MU-705 is used to programming, parameterizing and manually control components that are fitted with an electronic LJU controller and have the accompanying software. The data is transmitted between the MU-705 and the controller by means of infrared and is thus compatible with the LJU-controllers of the product lines ST-6xx with corresponding software and with all LJU controllers of the latest generation ST-7xx. The handheld programming device was developed primarily for parameterizing and updating the trolley controllers. Additionally, it has features like e.g. calling of trolley information, manual controlling of trolleys etc, which are explained in detail in the following description. Moreover data backups and modification of parameterization data are possible by connecting the MU-705 to a computer which has the MU-705 Utility Software installed on it (separate description). The individual functions of the MU-705 are controlled by means of menu navigation.

Infrared Remote Control

The infrared manual remote control FB-706 is used to manually control vehicles that are fitted with an electronic LJU trolley controller and have the accompanying software. The FB-706 supports two IR transmission speeds and is therefore compatible with LJU controllers of the 5xx and 6xx series as well as LJU controllers of the latest generation, 7xx.

The remote control permits the switching of trolley controllers to manual mode so that the vehicle can be moved manually using various commands. In this context, it is possible to address vehicles by means of trolley numbers so that individual vehicles can be selectively activated. Thus, commands such as “Travel forwards/backwards” and “Hoist/Lower” can be given by pressing the relevant buttons. It is also possible to acknowledge errors using the manual remote control. The various commands are transmitted to the trolley controller using coded IR signals. These signals are controller dependent.

For a more simple remote control (without carrier adressing) the FB-606 is available, see download area.

DKZ-Para Software

The DKZ-Para software is a SW-tool for parameterizing and diagnose of the actual Bus Master System. The complete installation table as well as the tables for speeds, distances or positions can be prepared, transferred, online modified and maintained by using the tool. Plausibility checks and logging are integrated, also selective remote control or simulation for single carriers.

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