Inductive Energy Transmission - Applications in Mechanical Engineering

The fields of applications are as versatile as mechanical engineering itself. If in portal machines, roundtables, circulating measure equipment or special shuttles - there is barely no application what could not be imagined. And what could be imagined could mostly be realised. See left a three axis glass transport shuttle, all drive components except the motors beeing provided by LJU.

A tailored power module feeds the floor loop cable. Two flat pickups take over the field energy and provide a voltage of 560V DC, powering up the inverter DC link in the LJU control box. By procedure only one axis can be active, therefore only one inverter for all three axis is required. It is calculated to operate the largest motor (Lift) but can operate the smaller ones (drive and conveyor) by parameter switchover, too. Communication between shuttle and PLC is done via LJU Inductive bus communication, what operates completely separate of any radio modem or WLAN frequency range.

Axis positioning refers to barcode scanner, digital resolver or rope sensor, allowing the whole machinery to be positioned very accurate. By the shown solution it is easily possible to realize horizontally multiple overlapping and crossing shuttle operation.