Virtual commissioning

The iDM System Manager has new features!

The license-free parameter assignment and visualisation software iDM SyMa now offers EMS system integrators the possibility of performing virtual commissioning. This allows the entire functions of an EMS system to be tested as early as in the engineering phase.
After installing the software on a standard PC and importing the layout data for the driving route, EMS vehicles can be controlled from a connected PLC or another PC. The user can now add EMS vehicles to his system simulation and control them from the PLC program. Vehicles can drive in virtual loops, and system communication and real equipment functions are simulated. Speeds, distances, positioning as well as status and error messages can be modified to simulate different system conditions and the PLC program's reaction to them.
Thanks to this virtual commissioning, it is possible to optimise complex systems long before the actual commissioning. After installing the system, commissioning times are reduced significantly and process adjustments can be recognised at an early stage if necessary.
During a demonstration, the planning department of the Volkswagen AG was impressed with the many advantages that LJU Automatisierungstechnik GmbH's virtual commissioning has to offer, and in future it will be included in its requirements for the virtual commissioning of EMS systems.

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