LJU's many years of practical and acquired experience in conveying technology has led to unique advancement and innovative improvement based on continuous development in the field of electronic technology. In turn motivating us to proceed steadily along the path of progressive control technology and automation.

Our goal is to provide control-technology components and software for the  increasing demand for universal and versatile applications.

Using these developed technologies we are capable in implementing, highly flexible, modern solutions, whilst maintaining the focus for future challenges.

Our products offer the following basic advantages:

  • Planning assistance through consultancy with responsibility for determining all system components required
  • Reduced time and cost considerations
  • Integrated compatibility with maintenance data systems
  • Single source technical consultations and solutions
  • Cost effective installation technology and support

These advantages are available through:

  • The possibility to respond to feedback and change requests in manufacturing for the requested model production.
  • Inductive energy and data transfer, which supports reduced maintenance requirements.
  • Worry-free connections of installations through indexed, prefabricated industrial cables.
  • Reduction of cabling costs through bus systems utilization.
  • Parameterization through included standard - installation software.
  • Decentralized control of all moving components.
  • Single source delivery of all components for the installations.
  • Exact positioning systems reduce costs for additional sensors in assembly or marriage areas (Real time regulation).
  • Visualization of all installation conditions such as vehicles, track-switches, lifters and AGV.
  • Data recording systems supporting effective use of preventive maintenance.
  • Highest possible transport speeds
  • Accurate positioning capabilities